Hygiene and cleanliness are more crucial than ever in the current coronavirus pandemic. As people all try to get back to their respective jobs, keeping the office clean properly also means helping to keep it safe. Thus, it is crucial to do it properly.  

Today, we are going to share with you some tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your office, from hiring office cleaners Nottingham to sanitizing surfaces. 

Hire Professionals to Do the Job for You 

As a business manager or owner, perhaps you’ve got more crucial things to spend your time doing instead of cleaning. Thus, outsourcing the cleaning needs of your property to a professional cleaning service provider is an excellent option to make. Your cleaning can be managed completely for you and the right cleaner will focus on the daily cleaning needs of your office so that you can focus on your tasks.  

Regularly Clean High Touch Point Areas 

From the name itself, a high touch point area is a place that is regularly touched compared to other spots. Thus, you have to clean them more regularly compared to other places. This will help maintain the cleanliness of those areas. This is particularly vital during the coronavirus pandemic to help lower any spread of viruses and germs.  

Have a System 

If you are cleaning by yourself, it is important to have a system. This will help you know what places are you cleaning and when you’re going to clean them. With this, you know that you’re cleaning every single spot in your office and thus you’ll less likely to miss any spot.  

Have a Clean Desk Policy 

Dirty desks can be a distraction. However, desks that are cluttered are also a lot harder to clean. Keep in mind that desks are considered as high touch points. That is why you have to sanitize and clean them regularly to help keep a healthy office and workplace.  

Keep Your Building or Office Junk Free 

Trash bins can be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and pests. That is why you should strategically place them around the building and office. Also, remember that more bins are not always ideal. Every single bin in your property should have liners and it should be regularly emptied.  

Keep Bathroom and Kitchen Areas Clean 

Shared kitchen and office areas are especially vulnerable to germs and bacteria. These places need to be cleaned regularly with appropriate sanitizing products and cleaners. Also, you have to guarantee you pay close attention to the sink and any appliances that your workers utilize regularly. You need to utilize an approved cleaner during this pandemic.  

Regularly Clean Common Areas 

Every common area needs to be vacuumed and dusted regularly. This includes hallways, stairs, walkways, and reception areas. The frequency of the cleaning will greatly vary on the traffic volume. Clearly, if you’ve got a reception area that visitors or clients utilize, the appearance of these places says a lot about your business as well. Because of this, you have to clean them regularly to make a good first impression.